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Engineering, medicine, business, architecture and painting are concerned not with the necessary but with the contingent – not with how things are but with how they might be – in short, with design.
-Herbert Simon

Before any product is launched, or a construction is done, or machinery is developed, it is designed in the mind of the creator and then the design is drawn on paper or a computer. Drawing and designing are very important in creating a good product.Drawing is the pictorial representation of any component in detailed form with precision. While making a drawing using pencils and papers and drafters, it becomes a tedious job to modify it. But when done in the computer, the process of modification becomes very easy. This is the reason that computer aided design software are used in almost every aspect of the drafting a design. Other reasons for using computer aided designing software are:
1. Accuracy.
2. Fast.
3. Neat.

Computer drafting software aids us with its many tools to support for developing a perfect design, whereas, the manual drafting has lots of complexities.After the drafting is done using computer aided drafting software, the resulting design provides all the information like dimensions, materials, tolerance etc.

Since the 1980s, the number of manual draftsmen has declined due to the development of computer drafting software. In aerospace, electronics, and automotive industries, the first commercial use of the drafting software began. The engineers and technicians themselves could design on their own personal computer without the help of any professional designers. Now, in the recent times, the technology is way ahead of the technology that used to be available in those days. The various drafting software are available on the market according to the need of the professional, as well as, depending on the usage. There is different drafting software available for professionals and amateurs as per their needs and experience in handling them. Originally, drafting software was made using FORTRAN as the language but after the launch of object oriented programming; the drafting software is made using object oriented programming languages.

If you want to design something and give it a practical shape in your computer, it’s the drafting software available in the market which is going to help you out with your 2Dor 3D designs. You can make 2D vector-based drafting system to 3D solid and surface modelers. Some software performs miraculous jobs when it comes to drafting 3D designs. On your 2D computer screen you can build up a 3D drawing. Also, one can rotate the image in 3D mode, viewing the drawing from any angle and corner. Few designing software, like CADD, has the capability to do even dynamic mathematical modeling. Now from the largest buildings to an ornate wire bridge to a small house, all can be designed by the use of the drafting software. Also, mechanical designs of machines and tools can be made using the drafting software. On any computer platform, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, or UNIX the drafting software can be used easily.

With drafting software you can do:
• Floor Plans
• Landscape Layouts
• Electrical Schematics
• Mechanical Drawings
• Block Diagrams
• Facility Plans
• Circuit Diagrams
• Computer-aided engineering
• Finite element analysis
• Computer aided manufacturing
• Photo realistic rendering
• Document management and revision control using Product Data Management
• Photo stimulations
• Construction
• Non-history based systems, Explicit Modelers or Direct CAD modelers.

But in this market how would you choose which software you need to get, thousands of drafting software is available these days. Some are with complex tools which one can only handle after getting experienced with drafting software, and some are too costly to be affordable. If your need is for a short while, you can get one with a trial version. For example, you want to get one because you want to see how your new house is going to look, or how to design your new house, or what changes you need to make for renovating your house, then you can get one on a trial period, and most of the trial versions would come for a time limit sufficient for you to develop a drawing for your small work. For the amateur students too, buying a full version of the software is not that easy because they don’t earn much and their budget is limited. Therefore, free drafting software is the best option for them. Lower-end 2D software is available in the market which is free and also some open source programs. Open source programs are that software which is provided under free software license.

The benefits of having free drafting software:
1. The full versions of this software are too complex to be handled. One has to undergo professional training or get experienced to use them. The learning process should be started with free drafting software because the tools are limited and one can easily start learning from them and shift to complex one later.
2. Also, some old drafting software is available; most of them are free or cost very little. They have lesser features in comparison to the new ones and are easier to use by the beginners. But the lack of features also makes their function more limiting.

Therefore, free drafting software is not a bad choice in such cases.

Hundreds of drafting software is available in the market. Everyone knows about CADD, AutoCAD, SmartDraw, TurboCAD, GstarCAD, 3D Crafter, Art of Illusion etc.

The CADD has free drafting software, as well as, trial version drafting software. Though CADD tops the list as for its long standing reputation over the years, and almost in every country they have their support team, and also the fact is that most of their software that are top rated, are quite good and useful. They have released many drafting software for every kind of drafting work.

SmartDraw is great for drawing floor plans, mechanical designs, etc.

TurboCAD is very easy to handle and good too.

Each and every computer aided designing software company offers a free trial period. They give trial versions for using them and for checking whether it suits the user’s purposes or not. So, it is not difficult to find and download one.Most of the drafting software comes with tutorials for the user to learn about their usage and to use them in a proper way; also, there are internet supports and lots of blogs where one can learn about any software.

Free drafting software

Most people familiar with computers know what CAD or Computer Assisted Drafting is and those who use this type of program, either in school or professionally realize that many of the manufacturers offer a Free Drafting Software for a trial period or for a limited period of time. Other manufacturers offer an unlimited time of use however they limit the features available to the user until the full software has been purchased. You see this in many of the software available online. In both these scenarios the hope is that you like what you are using and will purchase it when the trial is over or to have available the full features of the software package. At the end of the day, it’s all about the business and the money and even those who helped develop the software need to be properly compensated for all the work that they put in and considering this fact, it is indeed a great deal when you can get the free version with limited features or for a short period of time so that you can try it out and see how the whole software works.
The software companies that offer the free versions are still offering the user good software and for beginners or those just starting out on their own, it is an easy way to help them make a decision on which software to purchase. Unlike today many students in high school or even college who took drafting using a piece of paper with a ruler, a compass, and a protractor. Drawing a layout of just a room could be time consuming and involved a lot of the eraser. With the CAD program available to the schools, you draw on the computer screen and with many of the programs; the dimensions are automatically and very accurately calculated. No problem of the design on paper being a ¼ inch too short and the room design being all wrong. When doing electrical drawings the amount of wire required can be automatically calculated and the contractor won’t run short. Even most of the Free Drafting Software will do these calculations for the drafts person. Cad drawings are often translated into 3D presentations and many of the manufactures include this feature, it can be a large selling point, but not all of them do, some do limit you to 2D only, and you have to purchase the software to gain the full 3D features.

The Free Drafting Software is one of the first tools an aspiring architect uses in today’s age of computers. With minimal training they can design a structure and see what it would look like when completed. Even those with minimal or no training can use many of these software programs to help them figure out where furniture can go in a room, or what a yard would look like with a tree in this corner or that corner, do they actually have room for a pool etc. These people do not want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for software that they are not going to use every day, this is where being able to download Free Drafting Software, even a scaled down version, is ideal. It helps you to try out its features and see how the software works and then you can decide on buying it if you find that it satisfies all your requirements and needs.

Many children these days love the Free Drafting Software, it allows them to draw many scenes and situations that they would not be able to do. People, yards, trees are all readily available and the children can add in features that they wish. It can help them to develop their artistic skills at a younger age. Many adults also enjoy this feature of the software and can dabble in artistic endeavours with little or no cost.

These advantages to the Free Drafting Software are nice but are not the intentions of the developers, their intentions are that you use the free or trial version and then as your requirements and skills increase then you purchases the full version. This is one of the reasons that many of the free versions are for a limited time only or else scaled down with just enough features available free, to entice you to purchase the full feature version.

Many of the architects that learned on paper maintain that if all the new architects only know the CAD style of design, then some of the feelings that go into the design of the builds or structures are lost. The younger architects say that this is not the way it is and that by easily being able to take a 2D design building or structure and looking at it as you draw it in 3D, then more of what the designers and architects want can actually be seen. They can see the end result of any changes being done to the drawings.

Although Free Drafting Software is a valuable tool for the beginners and novice the experienced designers and architects also find it very helpful. They can try the software out, see what features they need or what comes with the fully loaded version and so do not need to spend a large amount of capital for software that will not do what they need. All this software is similar and does much of the same things, but they all do it slightly differently. This means that how you look from 2D to 3D can be different and different steps may need to be taken to do it properly. This can be a comfort situation for the drafts person and so they get a decent chance to look over the software, how it works, and what its capabilities are, this allows them to make an informed decision.

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